Our Services

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What We Do

Building Visualisation

Bring your designs alive pre-build or revamping an existing structure with immersive technology

On site uses

Live adjustments or uses of AR on the construction site

Custom Design

We can tailor make any experience 


Construction is an industry that is starting to embrace technology little by little. Industry leaders have now recognized that AR and VR are game changers for the industry. It helps reducing errors, increases productivity and it is used for visualization purposes so investors can already have a look before the build is getting started.

  • Pre build in VR
  • Pre build in AR
  • Redesign in AR/VR
  • Revit model into AR/VR
  • Map Data in AR
  • Pre Planning in VR
  • AR for Mobile
  • Web VR
  • Web AR
  • Exterior design
  • CAD Data
  • BIM Modelling in AR/VR

Engineering & Real Estate

  • Pre build in VR
  • Pre build in AR
  • 360 Video tours in VR
  • Web VR
  • Web AR
  • Interior design
  • Exterior design
  • 3D modelling
  • BIM Modelling
  • Conceptual designs
  • Surface Map Data in AR